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Ostra Silos Startseite Pressure proof silos

Security newly defined: OSTRA shock pressure proof silos

Our up to 3 bar shock pressure proof silos in welded or bolted ver­sion fulfill all criterias of the new Explosion preventive regulations (ATEX) and are standing so for quality and security at the highest level. The storage volume comprises 50 to 1.500 m³.

They are suited for the storage of:

  • Coal dusts / lignite dust 
  • Coke
  • Saw dust, wood cuttings
  • Other potentially explosive dusts like sulphur pastilles



And they dispose of all facilities relevant for security (ATEX):

  • EX-flaps / Bursting discs
  • Pressure- and infrared sensors with action shut off gate valves or other decoupling units
  • Filters, shock pressure resistant with butterfly valves
  • CO control systems
  • Temperature sensors
  • Extinguish installations
  • Inertgas – blanketing installations (N2 or CO2)
  • Discharge with 70° cones in stainless steel with fluidization and shock pressure proof and flame resistant rotary airlock feeders
  • Fluidconveyors
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Mixer for alternative fuels