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Ostra Silos Startseite Explosion Doors

Explosion Door Vents

Explosion Doors function as pressure relief (Venting) of explosion-exposed Vessels/Storage Tanks and similar structures when incident occurs.

The explosion hazard can happen, as soon an explosive atmosphere and a source of ignition encounters.

Depending Powder and bulk Solids (natural Products, chemical-technical Products, Metaldust), various combustible Dusts with different ignite- and explosion-rates can come up in Siloplants. Risks of explosions can never be excluded totally by use of preventing measures.


Ostra as a Manufacturer with decades of knowledge and experience, has the capability to provide you qualified therefor.

Classification into explosion-Zones and safety-buffer-Zones build the guideline of our security concept. Selecting appropiate devices are a warranty to beware of explosion- and flame-transmission into other areas and pipes.


Our continiously refined product line is a reliable means for your Silo to obtain a solution with advantages to bursting-Discs or other venting Systems.

The safety System is EC-Type Examination approved, which certifies compliance endorsed as tested Device.

Mounted parts and components offer ignite-safety against electrostatic discharges, conform to the ATEX-Directive. Operability in period of cold climate conditions is maintained by electically heated sealing-Frames. To review the initial position, our Doors are equipped with inductive proximity switches.


Due to the high efficency of our hinged Door Vents, you can protect your Silo against any damage incurred by explosion pressure. For this purpose we design the Vessel resistant to pressure surges, sufficiently dimensioned according to required relief areas. After shutting Doors, Vacuum Flaps safeguard againgst neg. pressure, caused by cooling of hot combustion-gases. The structure of our Doors consists of lightweight materials. In order to retrieve operating mode without repairs, they are also designed to resist ruptures. For inspection, the Door can easily be opened without Tools.

To operate your Plant safe according to codes and current legislative needs, we are at your disposal to consult us about dedicated explosion protection. We support our client requirements according drawings, fabrication, assenbly, delivery and inspection of our products.